Life Groups are how we build community at Oakhill. Being part of a Life Group is the best way to make big church feel smaller. It’s a place where we cultivate close relationships in the family, while caring for one another and sharing everyday life. Life Groups are where we grow together in our relationship with God and His church.



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Due to social distancing all our Small Groups will be online, we will not meet in person until further notice.

This has created the opportunity to launch E-Groups. The benefits of these groups are endless and make small groups accessible to people that travel for work or live abroad and are interested in being part of our family. These groups can potentially continue long after Lockdown has ended.

E-Groups have also created the opportunity for people to step up and become Life Group Hosts, that previously were not able to due to time or travel constraints.


There are three areas in which you can get connected:

  • Host an online group
  • Join a Life Group which will eventually meet up in homes again
  • Join an E-Group which will continue to connect online

Tip: If you have a friend who is a host or if you and a friend would like to be in the same group please let us know

Tip: Only relevant if you selected to join a group that will meet up at your hosts home eventually